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Professional Sewage Damage Cleanup Help in Toledo

Dealing with a sewage line backup on your own can be overwhelming. In addition to the tremendous mess, there may also be a health risk due to contaminated materials. That’s why you need a professional sewage cleanup service you can turn to. At Restoration 1 of Toledo, our technicians are equipped with the best tools and safety gear available to effectively cleanup any size sewage disaster. We have the training and experience needed to quickly return your home or business back to a safe and habitable state. Don’t risk it — let us take over when you have a sewage mishap in your Toledo home.

Our Sewage Damage Restoration Services Include:

Sewage Water Cleanup & Removal

Water damage from a sewage backup can damage possessions and contaminate your home. Our technicians can remove all water and eliminate bacteria. We’ll also thoroughly dry all affected areas.

Toilet Overflow Cleanup

When a toilet overflow is too severe to clean yourself, turn to Restoration 1. Our team can easily clean and decontaminate your bathroom using the most advanced equipment in the industry.

Septic Tank Backup & Overflow Cleanup

After a septic tank backup, bacteria and viruses can pose a serious health threat. Contact our sewage cleanup service for a quick solution to a messy situation.

Decontamination & Odor Removal

After a sewage mishap, dangerous materials may infiltrate your home. Our technicians can decontaminate the area and remove all waste or debris. We’ll also eliminate any offensive odors so you can feel comfortable again.

Bio-Hazardous Cleaning & Disposal

Toxic materials on your property are a serious threat to you and your family. Call us immediately, and our team will use the most fitting safety gear and equipment to clean and dispose of the material.

Flooded Bathroom Cleanup

If you come home to a flooded bathroom, don’t try to deal with the situation yourself. Call our experts, and we’ll make the cleanup process easy on you. We can dry all affected areas and remove any waste or debris.

What to Expect When You Call Restoration 1 for Sewage Cleanup

Extracting Sewage

Our sewage cleanup service includes removing all waste matter that has entered your property. We will remove as much of the water as possible as quickly as possible to protect your property from further damage.

Disposing of Contaminated Objects

To protect the environment, biohazardous waste needs to be disposed of properly. Our team is well-trained in the disposal process and will take care of the problem for you.

Drying & Disinfecting Affected Areas

We will fully dry and disinfect the area that was impacted by the sewage damage. We utilize the latest equipment and procedures to ensure your property is dry and that all areas of moisture are addressed to prevent mold or mildew. Lastly, it’s important to thoroughly disinfect the area to eliminate any potentially hazardous bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants that may have been in the sewage.

24/7 Emergency Sewage Removal Services

When a sewage line backup happens in the middle of the night, you can’t wait until the next day to deal with the problem. That’s why Restoration 1 offers 24/7 emergency sewage cleanup. We’ll dispatch our team right away to inspect the damage and start the cleanup process.

Certified Sewage Restoration Technicians

Every member of our team is certified by the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) and the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). This means we’ve been through the training needed to tackle any type of sewage restoration job.

Call Now for a Free Inspection

When you call us, our team will provide a free inspection to determine the extent of the damage. We’ll then form a plan of action for the cleanup process. We’ll remain transparent throughout the process and keep you updated on our progress.

When you experience a sewage line backup at your Toledo home, contact us immediately. We provide high-quality sewage cleanup services at fair and competitive rates.

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